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Breakfast to make you smile

What is your kind of breakfast? Muesli, yoghurt and fruit? Or do you prefer scrambled or fried eggs, croissant, bread and rolls with ham and cheese? Or a combination of the two? Our large breakfast buffet fulfils your wishes and gets your day off to a happy and healthy start.

One more thing: Don't be surprised if you don't find a mountain of bread rolls set out in the morning. We bake them ourselves as needed. They not only taste better that way, but this helps to prevent food from being wasted.

Breakfast times:

Monday - Friday:   6.45 –  9.30 a.m
Saturday & Sunday: 8.00 – 10.00 a.m

Please inform us of any allergies you may have. We are happy to offer you special alternatives.

Our tip:

Why not invite external guests or come along yourself for a healthy breakfast? Book ahead for €14.50 per person. Reserving ahead helps us to offer you the freshest of products.

AuStay in shape away from home!

As our guest, you can work out and relax for free at the VeniceBeach Park fitness studio located opposite the hotel.VeniceBeach is the leading regional fitness chain and is known for its wide variety of machines and excellently equipped workout areas. Enjoy your workout in a casual atmosphere... more >

Ristorante Il CaminettO

It's been a long day and all you want is to sit down to pleasant evening meal. Look no further, as we have a stylish Mediterranean restaurant with beer garden right in the hotel building. The Italian hosts will lavish you with fresh antipasti, crisp pizza and fine pasta specialities. more >

Hockenheim Ring

Are you passionate about horsepower? Then you're not alone, as thousands congregate at the Hockenheim Ring circuit each year.  There's more to the Hockenheim Ring, too. Each year, it transforms into a giant concert stage. Our tip: Book our All-In-One Concert Package! more >
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